Tips for Choosing the Right Motorcycle Wheel Chock

The motorcycle wheel chock is one of the many bike accessories that go a long way to ensure maximum bike safety when it is kept in storage or during its transportation. Well, this motorbike accessory is nothing but a metal/rubber tool that consists of two plates used in the sides of the tires of the motorcycle and hence keeps it in place. The plates can be set for wide tires from 80 to two hundred millimeters, but an optional set of upper plate, for the tires, which is less than 100 mm wide, is also recommended.

Purchase the optional plates that represent the brackets “U.” Four screws (two on each side would help to keep the pieces in place). The width of these Motorcycle Wheel Chock plates can loosen the nuts on the plate slide in and hence they should be customized to be set using the scale on the front of the ramp to an ideal width. You can use these wheel chocks on both the front or rear tire or either of these as you think fit. They can be installed and when you do not need them, you can rotate these plates for detaching. The motorcycle wheel chock is especially great in the garage or shop for holding the motorbike throughout repair.

The motorcycle wheel chock works best when used with tie down straps to ensure ultimate security. This is especially true when you are transporting your motorbike on a trailer. You can just walk around the place or can move along even rough terrains without engaging an extra pair of hands to hold the bike.

The benefits of using motorcycle wheel chock are many and they can be briefed thus:
• Easy for even a single person to strap-down a motorcycle
• Can be mounted on floor, truck or trailer for transportation

Motorcycle stands are best, when bought from an online source. This is to ensure that you get the best ones in the most cost effective prices for your valuable motorbike. Get only from online destinations that guarantee optimal shelf life. If maintained properly, this motorbike accessory can last for many years. This is because it does not have any moving parts that may become dysfunctional. You can also get other bike accessories like motorcycle jack, and motorcycle lift from the online source these days.

Use these accessories to keep your bike at any place in an upright position even while on move and relax while it takes care of the bike tires.